Make downtown home

Downtown Des Moines is a great place to visit and an even better place to live. Here, your home isn’t confined to the square feet you own. Your home is the city. The sculpture garden is your backyard, Court Avenue’s restaurants are your new kitchen, and the many music and entertainment venues are your new TV.

No commute

If you work downtown, you can get anywhere in the city in less than twenty minutes using only a bike or the skywalk.

Entertainment, sports, food

All the things people come downtown to experience — from the I-Cubs to touring productions of Broadway shows? Those all happen just down the street.

Five neighborhoods

Court Avenue District

Residential lofts and apartments are spaced throughout downtown’s entertainment center. It’s one of Des Moines’ oldest neighborhoods, but with all the music, restaurants and bars, it feels like one of the newest.

Western Gateway
Des Moines’ entry corridor is being reinvented by the businesses and residents who call it home. Historic buildings repurposed. Surprising green spaces. And refreshingly modern architecture. It’s eclectic, and it works.

Historic East Village
It’s funky. It’s charming. It's fun. It’s a little bit of Greenwich Village in downtown Des Moines. Come for the food and art; stay for the people.

Sherman Hill
Des Moines’ oldest neighborhood, Sherman Hill is a door to the city’s past with lovingly restored Victorian homes, oak-lined streets and period details. You live history here.

Gray's Landing
Close to downtown and Grey’s Lake, Des Moines’ newest neighborhood is poised to be its biggest. New apartments, houses and retail spaces are being planned and built, creating a vibrant place to live and shop.