In contrast to the suburbanization of America, there is an exciting trend taking place in Des Moines. The synergies created by new downtown developments and revitalization efforts are luring many businesses, residents and visitors back to the city.

Today, downtown Des Moines has become a growing, vibrant community, offering the energy, sophistication, housing and attractions of a big city — without the big city hassles.

Young professionals, senior executives, couples with children, retirees and people of all ages are discovering that downtown offers everything they want in a community.

If the idea of urban living is appealing to you, the growing number of housing options in downtown Des Moines offer all of the excitement, style and convenience of a big city.

Whether it’s a cosmopolitan setting in a high-rise condo, a traditional apartment with a cozy fireplace, a chic loft-style condo in a renovated warehouse, or even a rehabbed historic Victorian manse complete with brick sidewalks and gardens, you will find a surprising variety of residential options downtown. As the popularity of downtown housing continues to boom, the number of projects, locations and choices are rapidly increasing.