New crew at Proof has its own alchemy

The Western Gateway restaurant keeps its winning formula but adds a bit of new owners' flair

Sean Wilson and Hal Jasa have a yin-yang thing going. They are two sides of one coin, the same but different.

Watching them work in the kitchen at downtown Des Moines restaurant Proof is like watching something choreographed. The two chefs move around each other and the limited space smoothly, instinctually. As Wilson finishes plating a beet marshmallow, Jasa stands ready to step in, with garnishes - and giant tweezers for which to place them - in hand.

Talking to them together is more ping pong than yin yang. Each nods while the other is speaking and, as likely as not, hops in to finish a sentence. It's easy to lose track of who is saying what, but they seem able to avoid trampling conversational toes as easily as literal ones.

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