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Drive Time Des Moines has a new web site!


Too fun not to share:) click this link for a fun piece on why to ride a bicycle...


Try Bicycle Commuting today - here's a link to a site that tells you why and how: click here.


Bike Month is almost here! And because there are so many bicycle events going on in Des Moines in May, which is Bike Month across the U.S., the events have even spilled over into April! Check them out at either the Des Moines Bicycle Collective's BikeMonth website (click here) or BikeIowa (click here).


Drive Time Des Moines has a new web site! If you are looking to login for Rest Your Car (now called Commuter Club), please click here.


Why a 10% Reduction



The Des Moines metro area is a great place to live, work and play. We have one of the shortest commute times in the nation with an average commute of about 19 minutes. As our population grows over the next 30 years, the concern is that our population and job growth may outpace the infrastructure (roads) we have in place. Growth scenarios for the metro area predict an additional 55,000 workers will work downtown by 2030. Most of these workers will live on the outer ring of the metro area – making transportation in and out of the central business district an important issue.

When I-235 construction plans were being made our government officials decided to do a minimal build rather than a full build. This decision was based on traffic counts that demonstrate congestion is only an issue during morning and afternoon drive times.Therefore, our governmental leaders decided to mandate a 10% permanent reduction in the amount of cars on the streets during peak hours.The mandate is intended to proactively address this issue so that we can maintain the mobility and quality of life we enjoy as Central Iowans.

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